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Our Beer is our word.

It’s really that simple. Starting here, with these few words you see before you, we’re going to make you a promise. We won’t lie to you. We won’t manipulate you. We won’t use focus-group tested tricks. We absolutely won’t sacrifice quality for profit margins. Right about now our accountants are likely smashing their keyboards in rage about that last one. They can deal with it. We’re going to be real with you. What we’ll do is offer you a glimpse into why three young home brewers in a garage decided that they’d had enough of other people telling them what they could and couldn’t do. We’re going to show you that every ounce of creativity and love that Matt, Jason, and Tyler can muster is painstakingly crafted into our art. 
Our art is beer. Please enjoy it with us.

Matt, Jason, and Tyler
Remedy Brewing Co., Sioux Falls, SD



Remedy Queen Bee Imperial Honey Cream Ale Can
Remedy Brewing Dakota Classic Premium Lager can
Remedy Brewing Hefe Metal Bavarian-Style Hefeweizen can.
Remedy Brewing Stratacopter Hazy IPA can

Tapped Recently…

A purple wheat beer with a kick of Blueberry!

3rd Annual Oktoberfest

Live Music, Yard Games, Vendors, Competitions & more!


Latest Food Special

Topped with fajita veggies, cheese, salsa & sour cream!

Brew Tours


$10 per person

Tour includes:

  • Complimentary Glassware

  • A 3-Sample Flight of Remedy Beer

  • A Pint of Beer

Every tour is unique, different beers, different information, and depending on if it's a brew day, you might see Jason in action!

Tours are approximately 45 minutes. Tour is limited to 12 people per tour. Tours are family-friendly and soda will be substituted for anyone under 21 years of age.

Private tours are available. Refunds valid 24 hours before the tour, please contact for more info.

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