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our history

We jokingly like to say that Sioux Falls itself decided it needed a better beer scene back in 2013. It was during that spring that a freak ice storm got to thinking that Matt Hastad’s house had a little too much electricity and heat for modern comfort’s sake. Being one adverse to freezing and moping in the dark, he asked his friend Jason Davenport if he could muster a spare couch. Jason charged the hefty fee of a couple gourmet meals and a little knowledge of that funny home brewing hobby Matt had picked up in college. The two stewed, brewed (often times literally), and came to the conclusion that Sioux Falls needed a marquee brewery like so many of her rival cities had already embraced. A few good batches (and a few not-so-good ones too), taught them that in order to make their odd little hobby into a sustainable business, they’d need to get more precise.

Enter Tyler Jepperson, Matt’s former college buddy and medical lab biochemist. When the wheels get to turning in Matt’s head, they travel towards Tyler’s brain, for a final destination with Jason’s hands. As such, we like to think our beer is equal parts inspiration, science, and mechanical knowhow. After building an incredible team of business advisers and friends, they settled upon their exciting location at 8th and Railroad in the city they called home and never looked back.


our taproom

Our taproom is located in the historic 8th & Railroad building in downtown SIoux Falls. Before housing our brewery, the space was comprised of multiple office spaces divided by walls and doors. After hours of demolition and power-washing old paint off the walls, the vision finally began to take shape. Our spacious taproom houses numerous styles of seating from authentic Oktoberfest tables from Germany to cozy couches and chairs. The rustic feel shows off the historical building’s natural beauty, offering you a glimpse into Sioux Falls’ vibrant past that we take inspiration from.

We house 12 taps of craft beer in addition to various gluten-free options from wine to cider & mead plus N/A beverages. We offer a full menu with a range of options for any appetite. We recommend our homemade cookies! Perfect for groups of any size, Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will make you feel right at home!

We are both family and dog friendly too! Bring your four-legged friends or the little ones in for an afternoon of great food & beverages, games & entertainment. Remedy Cures What Ales You!


Our Patio

The 8th and Railroad building shares a large, private dock, converted into a patio for ultimate relaxation. Complete with yard games and a fire pit, the patio is the located away from nearby street traffic for a quiet, peaceful space. We offer Cornhole and Giant Jenga for your entertainment, plus live music every Saturday evening! We also have an outdoor patio bar with four available taps for your convenience.

Sculpted by a local cement artist, our patio bar is as much a work of art as it is a functional addition towards a unique Remedy experience. You’ll also find sculptures from various local artists decorating this unique area. Come and spend your afternoon with us on our cozy patio!

Interested in renting our this space for the ultimate private party? Contact our events coordinator at