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It’s really that simple. Starting here, with these few words you see before you, we’re going to make you a promise. We won’t lie to you. We won’t manipulate you. We won’t use focus-group tested tricks. We absolutely won’t sacrifice quality for profit margins. Right about now our accountants are likely smashing their keyboards in rage about that last one. They can deal with it. We’re going to be real with you. What we’ll do is offer you a glimpse into why three young home brewers in a garage decided that they’d had enough of other people telling them what they could and couldn’t do. We’re going to show you that every ounce of creativity and love that Matt, Jason, and Tyler can muster is painstakingly crafted into our art.
Our art is beer. Please enjoy it with us.

Matt, Jason, and Tyler
Remedy Brewing Co., Sioux Falls, SD


Two new Remedy Beers!

Celebrate National Beer day with TWO new Remedy Beers! UFO (Unidentified Funky Object) is a single malt and single hop beer featuring Galaxy hops, Crips Plumage Archer malt, and a fermentation profile that'll tickle your tongue and leave you refreshed from the unknown reaches of space! Orbital Defense is an American IPA with Centennial and Galaxy hops designed to be more hop forward than our Nonsense IPA. Give it a shot and you be the judge! Stay all day and enjoy free live music by Rich Rislov starting at 7:00!

Posted by Remedy Brewing Company on Saturday, April 7, 2018

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Remedy Brewing Company is wholly owned by Panacea Brewing Company LLC. Please drink local beer to support your community. Drink responsibly, must be 21-years-old to consume.

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